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Our clients receive the financial skills of a local CPA experienced in negotiating  IRS & NCDOR tax debt settlements

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Tax Resolution Services LLC is a local tax resolution firm serving North Carolina taxpayers. We have focused our entire practice on providing realistic and cost effective solutions to complex Federal and State tax issues.  Our network of local tax, investment, financial, management, and legal professionals is dedicated to finding the best solution to your tax problem.

How We Can Help

As your authorized representatives, we will negotiate with both Federal and State taxing authorities to resolve your particular problem with the best possible outcome. We can prepare unfilled returns, get wage and bank levies released, negotiate reductions in tax debt, request abatement of penalties, get tax liens released, and stop the IRS and state taxing authorities from pursuing further collection action against you. We will make sure that your rights are protected. IRS and state tax collectors will deal directly with us. You will not be harassed by any agent of any tax collecting authority.

What You Can Expect

At your initial consultation, we’ll analyze your tax situation and provide you with a realistic and cost effective course of action. We’ll work out a resolution plan that will get your tax problems behind you and put your life back on track.

Before we start work on your case, we’ll provide you with a detailed quote of the fee you’ll be charged for our services. You will never be asked to pay more than the agreed upon price. There are no hidden charges or additional fees. You pay for what you get and you get what you pay for.

What We Expect From You

As our client, we expect you to be completely honest and open with us regarding all your past and present financial transactions. We can’t protect your rights or properly represent you without your full disclosure. In addition, we expect you to provide us with all information that we request in a timely manner. If your records are missing or incomplete, do not worry. There are a number of IRS and Tax Court approved methods available to complete tax returns where records are missing or incomplete. Just provide us with what you can as best as you can and we will do the rest.

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