Here is a list of common services we provide our clients:

  • Prepare and file past due, missing, and previously unfiled returns
  • Prepare and file amended returns
  • Negotiate payment terms to fully pay debt over an extended period of time
  • Negotiate settlement of debt for less than the amount owed through the use of the Offer-in-Compromise Program
  • Negotiate a partial payment plan that pays a portion of the amount owed over the remaining statutory collection period
  • Request a stay on IRS collection action
  • Request an extension to file or pay taxes
  • Prepare and submit requests for abatement of IRS & NCDOR penalties
  • Secure release of IRS & NCDOR levies
  • Secure lien releases
  • Prepare claims for Innocent Spouse relief
  • Prepare responses to IRS and NCDOR notices, inquiries, and proposed tax assessments
  • Prepare appeals to previous IRS or NCDOR tax assessments
  • Prepare a request for currently non-collectible or “hardship” status
  • Prepare responses to IRS or state audits of prior year tax returns and additional tax assessments
  • Provide representation at a Collection Due Process hearing
  • Provide representation at an IRS, state, or local field audit
  • Provide assistance with bankruptcy
  • Provide assistance with the formation of corporations, partnerships, and limited liability companies
  • Prepare defense and provide representation for IRS & NCDOR assessment of trust fund penalties
  • Provide tax planning consultation and legal advice

In addition to providing the above services, we offer a Three-Point Communication Promise:

  1. When you call Tax Resolution Services, LLC you will speak directly to CPA Brad Ritter.
  2. All prospective clients receive a free initial consultation to review the specifics of their tax situation. Remote consultations are available via Zoom and Skype.
  3. We will personally contact you by phone, email, or text as your case is pending to provide you with updates on a regular basis.