Tax Planning & Consultation

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is particularly applicable to tax issues. IRS & NCDOR penalties and interest can quickly turn small tax debts into large ones. Liens and levies can destroy credit and create serious financial hardship. In many cases, these problems can be avoided by employing proper tax strategies. The legal expertise of a Tax Attorney and the financial knowledge of an experienced CPA can provide the resources necessary to minimize IRS & NCDOR tax assessments. A CPA can analyze factors affecting your tax liability and provide a plan to keep minor issues from becoming major problems. A Tax Attorney can help maximize the tax benefits when forming a corporation, trust, or other IRS or State recognized separate legal entity. Complex tax issues are both financial and legal in nature and it’s essential to get the advice and counsel of both a CPA and an attorney to take full advantage of “an ounce of prevention.”