Unfiled Tax Returns

Filing Back Taxes – Tax Return Preparation for IRS & NCDOR Back Taxes

If you fail to file a federal or state income tax return when you are legally required to do so, you may be guilty of a crime. It’s possible that a warrant could be issued for your arrest. Additionally, the IRS and/or NCDOR can prepare a tax return for you for any year you have not filed a return and assess you a tax liability potentially far greater that what you actually owe. You may be subject to wage levies, tax liens, asset forfeitures, and even criminal prosecution. You need an attorney experienced in tax controversies to protect your rights and provide you legal counsel throughout the process of becoming IRS & NCDOR tax compliant. You need a CPA experienced in preparing prior year’s tax returns (often with incomplete or missing information) to minimize your tax liability and ensure acceptance of your returns (without audit) by the IRS and/or NCDOR. Tax Resolution Services, LLC provides you with both competent legal counsel and expert tax preparation.